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  • Scalable & Sleek
  • User Friendly
  • Platform Independant
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Manage your data like the pro's with the power of cloud computing.

  • User Friendly

    User Friendly

    This is the most user friendly back office system for any single store owner. It gives you the results you need. Profit or Loss?

  • In The Box

    Daily Sales & Purchases

    What determines Profit/Loss? How much did you sell? vs. How much did you purchase? You can easily manage your Daily Sales, Purchases, and Expenses.

  • Cost Effective


    Knowing when you next fuel payment is a big unknown for many C Store owners. Until now. Now you can know extactly how much you owe your Fuel Supplier.

  • Plugin Compatible


    Everyday you make payments for Inventory, and Expenses. Managing them correctly will help you with your bottom line.

  • Customizable Themes


    Profit & Loss Statments, and Profit By Category are the two most used reports, among many others. These reports can help you with ordering correctly, and making a profit.

  • 24 x 7 Live Support

    Store Manager Login

    Your business information is top secret. With the Store Manager Login, you can provide your Managers with limited access to CStoreApp. Your employees don't need to know the stores financial standing.

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